Fees and Rebates


  • $185 for the first session and $175 for subsequent sessions during Office Hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • $185 After Hours including Saturdays.
  • $66 Cancellation Fee if you cancel your session within the 48 hour notice period.
  • Report writing, Attendance fees and other requests such as phone consults to be negotiated depending on the nature of request.

*Payment is on the day of your session.


Medicare rebates for accessing psychologists are available if you are referred by a doctor (GPs, psychiatrists or paediatricians) under the Better Access Scheme. Please note currently Medicare restricts the maximum total number of medicare sessions you can claim in a calendar year to 10.

If you have access to psychology with extras cover under your private health insurance you may also be entitled to a rebate. However some health funds do not allow rebates until all your medicare sessions have been exhausted. Please check with your fund directly.

You may also be able to access a rebate for psychology services under employer schemes e.g. EAP programs, other insurance schemes (Workers Compensation) or through other community organisations who may rebate your service (Veterans Affairs).

*Please note we need a valid referral and details of your insurer before booking your session if you intend to claim a rebate.

We have eftpos facilities and medicare easyclaim so we can process your medicare claim at the clinic on the day of your session. Currently the medicare rebate for seeing a clinical psychologist is $124.50.  Medicare rebates are slightly higher for home visiting.

We offer bulk billing for people in certain circumstances such as people who are:-


  • unemployed and on newstart allowance.


  • ┬ápeople on a disability support pension.


    • <li

Please discuss any financial hardship with your psychologist directly.